1. How Long Does THC Stay in Your System

    How Long Does THC Stay in Your System

    At The Kief Thief, we make the best kief extractor on the market, but we understand that not every employer is as big of a fan of solventless extraction as we are. Even in states where recreational marijuana consumption is legal, you may find yourself needing to take a drug test for employment or other reasons. As a result, many people wonder how long THC is detectable in their systems after smoking. As it turns out, the answer varies widely from person to person based on a number of different factors. 

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  2. Pressing Kief into Hash

    Pressing Kief into Hash

    Trichomes are the tiny resin glands on the cannabis buds that produce the majority of the cannabinoids and terpenes responsible for giving marijuana its psychoactive effects. The Kief Thief works as a kief tumbler to separate these trichomes from the plant material through solventless extraction. You can extract a lot of kief with each run of the Kief Thief, but what to do with all that kief can pose a dilemma. 

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  3. How to Make Cannabutter

    How to Make Cannabutter

    One of the best aspects about The Kief Thief, in addition to being a phenomenal kief tumbler for solventless extraction, is that there are many ways you can make use of the spent material after a run. We have already discussed how you can use your collected kief to make rosin and tinctures. Now, we'd like to share another way to make the most out of your flower after running it through the Kief Thief: using it to make cannabutter.

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  4. How To Make THC Infused E-Cigarette Juice with Kief

    How To Make THC Infused E-Cigarette Juice with Kief

    The Kief Thief is all about solventless extraction and is the highest quality, most durable kief extractor on the market. The great thing about our kief tumbler is that it allows you to process a lot of material in one run (anywhere from one gram to one pound), and there are many different things you can use with the kief you collect. The kief can be used to make rosin or can be combined with the spent material after running the Kief Thief to make tinctures.

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  5. What is Rosin?

    Rosin or the rosin technique (sometimes referred to as “rosin tech”) is a solventless extraction process of the cannabinoid rich resin from flower or kief using heat and pressure. Rosin can provide comparable levels of potency, yield and flavor as solvent-based extraction products such as BHO (butane hash oil). Rosin has become very popular with extract enthusiasts over the last couple years for a very simple reason: you can make it easily, cheaply and safely in your home.

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  6. What Are Tinctures?

    What Are Tinctures?

    Tinctures are a form of cannabis extract that use alcohol as the basis for the extraction. Tinctures can be consumed by drinking, by placing drops underneath your tongue or by mixing with other drinks and food.

    Tinctures can be potent, sometimes being comprised of 60% THC, and should be taken with caution. It is important to ease yourself into using tinctures if you don’t yet know how they will affect you. Try 1-2 drops and wait at least an hour and half before taking more.


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