How to Make a Kief Time Bomb

There has never been a better time to be alive as a cheba enthusiast. Marijuana legalization has passed in many states and is gaining momentum not just in our country but around the world. Additionally, the ability for stoners to find each other through the internet and share ideas means there is a ton of great information available for those looking for new and innovative ways to get high. Seeing as how we make it super easy to collect kief from your buds, sharing interesting ways to use kief is a top priority of ours. 

At the Kief Thief, it is our goal to provide an easy to use dry sift tumbler that allows our customers to solventlessly extract trichomes from their marijuana flower. Since the Kief Thief is the best made kief tumbler available on the market today, we want to provide many different ways for our customers to use their kief.

I love going online and reading various marijuana blogs and watching the occasional pot related video on YouTube. I find it very entertaining to see the innovative ways that people are coming up with on a daily basis to get themselves high.

Recently, I read about what is commonly called a kief time bomb and wanted to try it out for myself. The idea is to place a joint, blunt, or spliff vertically in a bowl and surround it with kief. As you smoke the joint, it eventually reaches a point where it ignites the kief and gets you super lit.

Here’s how to make a kief time bomb for yourself.

Making a Kief Time Bomb

Grinder, Kief, Marijuana, Bowl

To make a kief time bomb, you’ll need the following:

  • Marijuana

  • Grinder

  • Kief

  • Rolling Papers (or a Pre-Rolled Joint)

  • Bowl / Pipe / Bong

  • Lighter

First, we need a joint. It’s easiest to buy a pre-roll, but you can also roll one yourself. If you go with a pre-roll, make sure to remove the crutch. If you’re rolling your own joint, pay attention to how wide it is and make sure it will be able to fit in the hole at the bottom of your bowl. For my time bomb, I rolled this little joint.

Joint in Bowl

Take your joint and gently insert it into your bowl, pipe, bong, or whatever it is you’re using. Be careful not to accidentally bend the joint or tear the paper.

Now, it’s time to fill up the rest of the bowl. I found it helpful to place ground marijuana around the base of the joint to help support it and to keep kief from falling through the hole. Once that is done, add your kief on top.

Placing Marijuana around joint
The finished time bomb

Now it's time to light it up and enjoy! We'd love to hear about the kief time bombs you make. Send us your pics to @TheKiefThief on Instagram.