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KT100 Dry Sift Extractor


The easiest, cleanest and safest method for extracting kief and pollen — The Kief Thief uses solventless extraction to gently separate resins from your flower.



  • 100% sanitary construction. All FDA approved materials
  • Comes complete with 100 Micron Stainless steel screen installed on sifter drum
  • Can also be ordered with 150 Micron screen installed depending on customers specifications at time of ordering
  • American made high efficiency gear reduction motor turns at the perfect RPM and can run continuously
  • Capable of processing as little as one gram to 2 pounds of dried material with an average yield of 10-25% depending on type of material used
  • Commercial grade Stainless Steel construction ensures a lifetime of rewarding use
  • Stainless steel dust cover keeps the extract material contained and protected from contaminates while in use
  • Hand built in Eugene, Oregon

Additional information

Micron Screen Size

100, 150