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KT4000 Dry Sift Extractor


Get the easiest, cleanest and safest method for extracting kief and pollen — The Kief Thief uses solventless extraction to gently separate resins from your flower.



  • 100% sanitary stainless steel construction throughout
  • Sifter drum comes standard with 150 Micron stainless steel screen panels. Other sizes available upon request
  • American made high efficiency hypoid gear reduction motor designed for continuous use
  • Capable of processing up to 40 pounds of dried material at a time with an average yield of 5-20% depending on type of material used and preparation
  • Commercial grade Stainless Steel construction ensures a lifetime of rewarding use
  • American made frequency driver is continuously adjustable from 1-14 RPMs
  • Removable lower collection drawer allows the operator to empty sifter drum in place without contaminating collected kief
  • Sifter drum has a removable access panel which allows loading and unloading of spent material without having to remove drum
  • With access panel and lower collection drawer removed the spent material is dumped out the bottom of the machine mechanically
  • Can also be used to sort, dry trim and separate material
  • Requires single phase, 230 Volt receptacle. Motor is rated at 1/4 HP, 2 Amps 60 HZ
  • Unit Dimensions are 54″ Wide, 45″ Deep and 80″ Tall and weighs 385 Pounds
  • Hand built, welded and assembled in Oregon

Additional information

Micron Screen Size

100, 150