Add Kief to Your Bowl

The most obvious way to use your kief is the most popular for a reason: it’s quick and easy. When smoking kief out of your bowl, you don’t want to load a pure bowl of kief. While smoking a bowl of pure kief sounds fun, it burns too quickly and can be too intense for some. Instead, you should use kief to spice up your bowl of flower.

Roll a Joint With Kief

If you enjoy a nice joint or blunt over cannabis from a glass piece, you’ll be happy to know that you can sprinkle some kief in your joint to make it that much more potent.

Cook With Kief

If you love edibles but aren’t as huge of a fan of how much the flavor of the cannabis influences the flavor or your food, then you’ll love this. Cooking with kief gives your edibles a much more toned down flavor. But make sure you account for the potency. Typically, your kief is going to be around 50-80% THC depending on the quality. To properly dose your edibles use a cannabis cooking calculator like the one from

Put Kief in Your Coffee

Do you need a cup of piping hot coffee before you can get your day started? Why not throw a little bit of kief in it! Thanks to the coffee’s heat, the THC in the kief will activate allowing you to fully enjoying cannabinoids while sipping your Mocha Latte. You don’t need much kief in your coffee to experience a good high that will last long into the afternoon.

Make Hash with Your Kief

Want to trade a simple concentrate for a more complex one that is a little bit more versatile? Then transform your kief into hash. Hash is nothing more then trichomes that have been compacted into a denser material for easier use. To make hash out of kief, the easiest way would be to pick up a kief press. Using a press, you get a kief “puck” with the same texture of hash, but it’s not quite hash yet. To complete the transformation, wrap the puck in parchment paper, then in a wet paper towel, and finally foil. Next, bake it in your oven at around 250F for 5-8 minutes.

Make Rosin out of Kief

Prefer a different concentrate over hash? If you want an extract that you can hit off a dab nail or from a pen, consider pressing your kief into rosin. With a just a hair straightener, unbleached coffee filter and a piece of wax paper, you can have rosin in minutes. First, press your kief into a puck. Then you need to wrap the puck in the filter, followed then by the parchment paper. You are going to want to run the hair straightener at a lower temperature for kief compared to flower–right around 200-250 F. Firmly press the wrapped up kief in the hot iron and in 30-45 seconds you’ll have a fresh batch of oozing rosin! Just make sure to cool it off before smoking it. This can be done by placing it in the fridge for a bit, or if it’s cool where you live, then just placing it on the counter will suffice.


While it might be tempting to always load your kief into a bowl, there are tons of great ways to experience kief. This is by no means a complete list of how you can utilize your kief. So, get creative, get outside your comfort zone, and experience kief in an all-new way today