Many enthusiasts like finding new, discrete ways to enjoy their cannabis. One such way is to make THC infused E-cigarette juice right in your own kitchen. This will give you the added benefit of using a discrete E-cigarette pen, and you can use E-cigarette flavoring to mask the smell of marijuana which is perfect for those looking to toke on-the-go without drawing attention to themselves.

What You Will Need:

*If you don’t have 5 grams worth of kief or don’t want to make that much e-cig juice, you can use a ratio of 4 ML vegetable glycerin and 4 ML propylene glycol per gram of kief.

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First, add water into the bottom part of your double boiler and add your kief to the top part. Next, use your syringe to measure the precise amounts of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol and add them on top of the kief. Using a metal or silicon utensil, stir the mixture. Place the double boiler on a stove top and heat the water until it is boiling.

Throughout this whole process, you need to make sure that there is still water in the bottom part of your double boiler. Don’t let the water boil away without adding more.

Place a lid on top of the boiler and let it sit 20 minutes. Then, take off the lid and stir while removing the double boiler from the heat source, so it can cool off for a brief period of time (somewhere between one to two minutes). Repeat this process for at least two hours and up to six, depending on how much time you have and how patient you are.

Once you are done, add in some flavored E-cig juice if you want to. This will help give it flavor and mask the smell of the cannabis when vaping. Using a coffee filter, strain the mixture. As it reaches the end of filtration, make sure to squeeze the coffee filter to push out all of the juice.

Now it is ready to be vaped. Simply insert the juice into any E-cigarette or Sub Ohm type vaporizer or store away for later use. Be cautious when trying it for the first time and use responsibly.

You can play around with the ratios of kief to vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol until you find what best suits you. Make sure to use solventless extraction to collect your kief by using a kief tumbler such as The Kief Thief. Enjoy.

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